Summary of TTCS Meetings held in 2003

We hold two types of meetings : Pizza Limes and Tech Meetings. A Pizza Lime is the name given to our monthly discussion forum which is usually held at Pizza Hut, Roxy Roundabout, Port of Spain on the second Wednesday of the month. The tech meeting is when we have computers on site to demonstrate a particular type of hardware or software.
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“Web-Safe” Colour Chart

“Web Safe” colours (also known as: browser safe colours, web safe palettes, browser safe palettes, “safe colours”, cross-platform colours) are the 216 colours that will be displayed solid (non-dithered) by any graphical web browser on any computer platform which is capable of operating in at least 8-bit colour (256 colours) mode.

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National ICT Plan – FastForward (2003)

fastforward brochure cover

FastForward was the final name given to the National ICT Technology Plan developed in 2003. It was formally launched in May 2 2003 and had five working groups under a ICT Steering Team under the Ministry of Public Administration and Information. The development of the National ICT Strategy was from May to September 2003 with several public consultations in Trinidad and Tobago and posted online at

The National ICT Strategy was officially launched in December 2003.

The Vision of the FastForward agenda is :
“Trinidad and Tobago is in a prominent position in the global information society through real and lasting improvements in social, economic and cultural development caused by deployment and usage of information and communication technology.”

The FastForward plan was made available in several chapters :





Computer Security: Free tools in Mozilla browser

(Created : November 1st, 2003)

There are many problems which are guarenteed to annoy any Web surfer:

  • Privacy concerns related to cookies.
  • Animated GIF files that contain infinte looping animation.
  • Pop-up and pop-under windows that flood your screen with obnoxious advertisments and other nuisances.
  • Offensive banner advertisments.
  • Javascript routines which takeover your browser.

The Mozilla browser (available from: has built-in features that can tame these annoyances for free. The following tips assume that you have already downloaded and installed the Mozilla browser suite. It is recommended that you use version 1.4 and higher.

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DVD recordable media

Note: The acronym “DVD” originally meant “digital video disk” but since the disk format can be used for more than just video, DVD is unofficially refered to as: “digital versatile disk”. In 1999, the DVD Forum (the creators of the DVD specification and format) declared that for the purposes of international standards, DVD is just the three letters (with no special meaning).
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